The use of bamboo dates back thousands of years and has been used for multiple purposes from furniture, flooring, plywood, and construction; and now this sustainable material is being used for contemporary art displays. has developed a new way to print your photo directly onto bamboo using a high definition direct printing system. The company has used their many years of printing experience and knowledge of substrates to create an innovative, eco-centric, impressive photo product. transforms your favorite image into a work of art on natural bamboo! is a division of Horizon Worldwide which is one of the largest specialty photo and imaging manufacturers in the US. Horizon operates a full-service imaging production facility having shipped over 250 million direct to consumer personalized products. The company encompasses over 150,000 square feet and offers a full showroom and design center with walk-in ordering and pick-up availability. Their commitment is to provide customizable, quality, innovative products to consumers at a reasonable price.